23 Modern White Brick Design And Decor Ideas For Fireplace

White Brick Fireplace (22)

If your fireplace is in desperate need of a new appearance, you’ve come to the correct place! Because of this, seeing a brick fireplace is rather common, but there’s more than 1 style. White brick fireplace employs unused bricks to construct a Mediterranean-themed fireplace.

Unlike drywall or wood, brick has an exceptional texture which should be taken under consideration when painting. Also, if you’re painting brick that has not ever been painted before, you should know brick is extremely porous and soaks up a good deal of paint. Exposed brick, in the correct setting, can seem fabulous!

Painting a fireplace can be hard, because brick often tends to get hidden grease spots that will appear even after some layers of paint. Furthermore, some people decide to paint their brick fireplace a color besides the brick’s natural shade. White brick fireplace is a favorite in traditional to contemporary and contemporary design.

Not all bricks are made equal! Painting brick appears simple, but it is a pretty nuanced project. Although a lot of folks are opposed to painting brick on principle, the truth is this might be your very best choice for unsightly or ugly bricks.

The brick will be entirely white! In addition, the bricks may stretch to the peak of the room, or else they could end just over the firebox. In reality, white-painted brick with a huge wood mantel appears horrible, IMO.

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